Who is Tgif?

 Are you or a loved one struggling with substance abuse? I was just like you - I was suffering from alcoholism. Are you looking for answers? If you are that's why I am here. ASK TGIF - ANSWERS YOUR ALCOHOLISM, ADDICTION TREATMENT, AND RECOVERY QUESTIONS.

I have used the last 11 years studying the harsh life lessons why some people find prosperity and good fortune in their athletic pursuits, and in sobriety and recovery while others continue to struggle despite their good intentions. Welcome to cultivating prosperity with AKA TGIF.

Your questions answered about alcoholism, drug addiction treatment, recovery, aftercare, sober living, sober coaching, relapse prevention, P.A.W.S. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, Medically Assisted Treatment and more. Call the hotline listed on the website; call in live or leave a voice mail question.


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