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    What is the problem? Houston we have a problem!    Overwhelming odds of being successful in learning to stay sober. Very few people have the actual experience and the methods to guide someone that's willing.  (Note: we cannot help people that are not willing) If you don't have the money you can't hire competent mentoring, coaching, or teaching.  But the reality is; typically treatment service providers rarely actually have a program that will guarantee success if the patient follows the protocol.  Most programs think they have it figured out but they have not. One evidence is that they do not include outdoor exercise and outdoor therapy as a primary component. What if we gave the type of support that an athlete receives?  Athletes receive world-class support therefor they rise to a world-class level. Learning to stay sober and not relapse requires an extraordinary set of skills. The short-term success is typically very low............ Why? Incompetency. incompetent peop

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When I needed help with my substance abuse | alcoholism the level of care that was available to me was marginal - very low. I didn’t have money so I did not have access to competent addiction treatment. Over the last 15, I’ve years studying the harsh life lessons why some people find success in sobriety and recovery while others continue to struggle despite their good intentions. Since 2005 Ive worked in addiction treatment and aftercare. Over the years I've worked with close to 2000 women and men.